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The Weimarer Land in the heart of the Erfurt-Weimar-Jena triangle is an attractive business region with scenic surroundings and a rich cultural heritage – a prime location brimming with opportunities.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises are based in this region, representing an especially wide variety of business sectors. Fashion and textile firms are evidence of 400 hundred years of tradition in the knitwear industry. Many high-tech companies, particularly IT firms, have also moved in.

Visitors to the Weimarer Land will love its fine mix of vineyards, moated castles and Renaissance palaces. These and many other local attractions are best explored on foot or by bike. The extensive cycle routes and walking trails lead right to the most delightful destinations – places where Goethe, Schiller, Bach, Brahms, Liszt and Feininger sought relaxation or inspiration.

The cultural diversity of the Weimarer Land region is matched by its scenic diversity, with picturesque vineyards, beautiful hillsides and romantic river valleys. Many visitors are reminded of Tuscany by these gently rolling hills – and not without good reason, for this is Germany's most northerly wine-growing region.

Continuing with the Italian theme ... the Apolda Gallery of Avant-Garde Art displays its collection in an Italian-style country villa. In this enchanting setting, the gallery presents high-calibre temporary exhibitions featuring regional and international artists.

Ultimate relaxation is on offer at the Toskana Therme pool complex in Bad Sulza, where you can enjoy LIQUID SOUND® underwater music and luxuriate in the salt-rich thermal waters, and not just at the end of a busy day. All of which makes the Weimarer Land region a promising prospect for meetings, conferences and events!