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Weimar has always attracted big names and big events. This remains as true today as it was 200 years ago, only the location is now more modern: instead of Anna Amalia's salon, today it is the Neue Weimarhalle congress centre which provides the perfect meeting place.

Weimar has universal appeal. Music lovers can follow in the footsteps of Bach or discover Franz Liszt. Weimar is also strongly associated with the dawn of the modern age. It was here that Walter Gropius established the Bauhaus more than 90 years ago. Weimar is also where Belgian artist Henry van de Velde paved the way for this revolution 15 years earlier. Although there is much to see and do beyond Classical Weimar, the town's enduring impression remains the legacy of Goethe and Schiller, the exhibitions and events devoted to them and their enduring appeal to visitors. Weimar encompasses a wealth of UNESCO world heritage treasures, all in close proximity to one another: no fewer than 16 ensembles have been recognised by UNESCO for their cultural importance. The first on the list is the 'Bauhaus and its sites in Weimar and Dessau', represented by the Haus am Horn and the Henry van de Velde buildings as well as the exhibits in the Bauhaus Museum. The second is 'Classical Weimar', and includes the houses of Goethe and Schiller, the Duchess Anna Amalia library, the Church of St. Peter and Paul, palaces, parks, and other ensembles from the Classicism period.

Much of the town centre is protected by preservation orders. The historical houses have been exceptionally well restored. Weimar is a youthful and vibrant destination today, but one that nonetheless never loses sight of its remarkable history. The old quarter is a joy to discover on foot. Its many historical quarters are located very close together, giving visitors on a sightseeing tour of Weimar plenty of opportunity to enjoy its mix of culture, heritage, beautiful old buildings and vibrant, cosmopolitan flair.