Pearl of the Middle Ages

Fascination of a historic city

Take a very special journey back to the early Middle Ages. This guided tour takes you to the Old University Quarter to visit the Old Synagogue and the Augustinian Monastery.

The Old Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Central Europe that has been preserved as a whole. Construction began as early as 1100. Rediscovered in recent years, the synagogue has housed an extraordinary museum since 2009. In addition to the history of the building and its use, the museum’s exhibition displays the so-called Erfurt treasure, which was excavated during construction work in the old town. The early medieval utensils, jewellery and coins made of gold and silver are unique worldwide in their type and assortment. The city of Erfurt is now striving to have the ensemble comprising the synagogue, its mikvah and the treasure registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.