Competence with Flair

Nestled in the beautiful valley of the river Saale, the city of Jena, recognised as the cradle of the optical industry in Europe and a renowned research centre for optics and photonics, offers exceptional event venues, generous leisure opportunities, and a strong business and science network.

Jena is located in the centre of Germany. The “City of Light” is easily accessible by bus, train and car from all directions. World-famous companies such as ZEISS, Jenoptik and SCHOTT started their success stories in this university town on the Saale river. With over 150 years of industrial history, Jena is considered the cradle of the optical industry in Europe and remains a respected research centre in the fields of optics and photonics.

For conferences, Jena offers everything from modern hotels to locations with a unique atmosphere. Historical buildings such as the beautiful Volkshaus from 1903 or the Volksbad, both built in Art Nouveau style, will leave lasting impressions.

After the conference, participants can discover Jena's lively and vibrant city centre with its friendly university flair.

Cover photos

  1. Wagnergasse in Jena, Foto: Andreas Hub, JenaKultur
  2. Johannisstrasse in Jena, Foto: Andreas Hub, JenaKultur
  3. Jena’s Market Square, Foto: Christian Häcker, JenaKultur
  4. Jena’s historical Town Hall, Foto: Daniel Hering, Stadt Jena