Imaginata Jena

Experimental laboratory for the senses

Red brick buildings, old transformer boxes and technical control centres create a very special industrial flair in Jena's former transformer station. The building complex from 1926 offers space for up to 300 people.

The building ensemble combines late Bauhaus with the style of new objectivity and is characterised by a clear, uncluttered design. The former industrial site is now home to the Imaginata - an experimental laboratory for the senses.

The museum features physics experiments and makes events in the former Jena transformer station into an entertaining experience. The rooms that can be used for events include the amusement arcade: a large, very bright room with a gallery that extends over two high floors. Various rooms are accessible from this gallery.


Hands-on physics as an icebreaker

Being amazed, pondering and inventing together: the perfect recipe for participants to start conversations.

The former control room, which can also be used, and the concert hall have a very special flair due to their industrial components, which have been preserved in their original condition.