City Game Weimar

Entertaining scavenger hunt

For those who don't really fancy a conventional guided tour of the city, this exciting scavenger hunt is the perfect alternative. Get to know the most important places in Weimar and learn interesting and worthwhile facts about history. The city game box can be used several times and is suitable for groups of up to 12 people.

Weimar is captivating with its beautiful old town brimming over with history. Not only Goethe and Schiller lived and worked here, but also the famous Bauhaus was founded in Weimar. We start at the Bauhaus Museum Weimar and then continue on to one of the most famous places in the city - the German National Theatre with the famous statue of Goethe and Schiller in front of it. The tour continues past Schiller's residence and the market square to the Duchess Anna Amalia Library at the Park on the Ilm river. But these are just a few of the stops on this exciting city tour. There is always time for a break, an additional guided tour or a little snack in the numerous restaurants and cafés. This city tour in the style of a scavenger hunt is flexibly designed and can be timed to suit your schedule.