JENA - the high-tech hub

JENA – the high-tech hub

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High tech with tradition: in Jena, business and science have developed an extremely successful symbiotic relationship. The clustered expertise of the university, the university of applied sciences, long-established companies such as Zeiss, Schott and Jenoptik and many recently founded research institutes has enabled Jena to become the science centre of Thuringia. 'Made in Jena' is an internationally recognised mark of quality – the go-to label for planetariums, medical technology, optics and software.

Jena's development has been impressive. With a population of 105,000, it has established itself as a creative, dynamic nerve centre of high tech and innovation, becoming one of Thuringia's leading brands. Jena is Thuringia's second-largest city, after Erfurt, although everything is close at hand. Wherever you look, you'll see the Thuringian landscape with distinctive hills rising on both sides of the Saale valley. The number of young people is quite striking. Many came and stayed – even after finishing their studies at the Friedrich Schiller University. The quality of life in Jena is high, with well-kept residential areas, beautifully renovated schools, a vibrant arts scene, lots to see and do and an excellent infrastructure. Jena also excels as a conference destination. Easy to reach via the autobahn or rail network, it offers unusual venues including the former art nouveau swimming pool, the JenTower, which is Jena's tallest building, and the planetarium, the top visitor attraction.

Jena is ideal for small and medium-sized conferences. There's a wide choice of accom­modation including in the four-star category and you can rely on the services of Jena's experienced congress and event agencies for the smooth running of your conference, meeting or convention, including the supporting programme. JenaKultur, the expert, multilingual contact and service centre, provides additional support in planning and organising events of every description.