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Romantic discovery tour with the Erfurt nightwatchman

This guided evening walk around the old quarter is like taking a romantic trip into the past: exploring medieval lanes on foot, then crossing Merchants' Bridge and Fischmarkt square before reaching the Cathedral. The duty nightwatchman is an informative and entertaining guide who knows all the hidden courtyards and cellar vaults. And thanks to his local knowledge, the tour includes some of the best watering holes and a hearty dish of Thuringian dumplings.  

Culinary evening at Petersberg Citadel

Petersberg Citadel is one of the few baroque town fortifications in Europe. Like the cathedral hill, it is a wonderful vantage point from which to look out over the roofs of Erfurt. Within the fortress walls are the Romanesque St. Peter's Church, a historical caponniere and an old gunpowder magazine. When it gets late, brave souls can take a tour of the mysterious passageways beneath the fortress.

'Goethe' requests your company at a culinary and literary evening

Experience an evening of delicious Thuringian fare delicately interspersed with a literary programme of letters, tales and anecdotes about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's days in Thuringia. The great poet will read his finest love poems and his most popular ballads 'in person'. You will also see the writer's lighter side, because Goethe's life had its fair share of comedy, the unexpected, the odd and the entertaining.