ERFURT – capital of Thuringia

ERFURT – capital of Thuringia

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Erfurt's central position, excellent transport links and outstanding conference facilities are its three main benefits as a business and conference location. The capital of the state of Thuringia with a population of 200,000, it is a city of regional and national importance whose economy is based on industrial and mechanical engineering, logistics, micro-
technology and the photovoltaics industry. Erfurt is also a thriving research centre, regularly hosts trade conventions and has established itself as a centre of excellence for the innovative solar energy sector.

Erfurt's historical university, the collegium maius, received its charter in 1379, making it Germany's oldest alma mater. Its most famous student was undoubtedly Martin Luther, whose influence on the history of Erfurt, Thuringia and religion was immeasurable. There are many opportunities in Erfurt to walk in the footsteps of the leader of the Reformation.

The modern-day equivalent of Luther's pulpit might be tele­vision, one of our most important channels of communication – including for children. Erfurt is a centre for children's media. It is home to KI.KA, the German children's channel, and many other radio and TV production companies. This is a locational advantage that also benefits academic research, with the university, the university of applied sciences and the Fraunhofer Institute all focusing on media for children and young people.

Erfurt has a very long tradition as a centre for horticulture, with roots going right back to the 13th/14th century. In those early days, the woad plant, a source of blue dye, was the most important commodity for the local people. Today, this horticultural tradition is continued by family firms such as N.L. Chrestensen and the Kakteen-Haage cactus nursery. A visit to the egapark, which also features the German Horticultural Museum, is a great way to round off a productive conference day.

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